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Holy Angels is a child-centered, family-sensitive Catholic School. We are dedicated to the development of the whole child: intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially. Our students are challenged to learn, lead, and serve as Jesus taught. 

Holy Family School

Our school has a learning environment where values and good judgment are as important as reading and math skills. With a Catholic tradition, students develop integrity, honesty, respect and concern for God, self and others. Mutual cooperation between the faculty, administration and parents nourishes this growth.

We offer:

  • Early Childhood Programs
  • Pre-K thru Eighth Grade
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Before & After Care
  • N.Y.S. Regents Courses  for Algebra I and Earth Science 
Holy Family School
Holy Family School                                                                                                                  
Holy Family School

 Why Should I Send My Child to Holy Angels?

It’s perfectly natural for parents to ask this question.  After all, the choice of where your child attends school is surely one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make as a parent. Often, parents’ first question is: how much will it cost?  Will I be able to afford it? 

When it comes to our kids, and their education, the real question is:  “Can I afford not to?” 

Holy Angels Regional


 So, here are a few points to ponder as you make that decision. 

  • The faculty and staff at Holy Angels Regional School acknowledges that parents are primary.
  • Holy Angels is different where it counts. 
  • Holy Angels Regional School holds students to high standards. 
  • Holy Angels Regional School emphasizes what matters in school. 
Holy Family School

As you consider your child’s future, please take the time to see the difference at Holy Angels Regional School. Schedule a tour. Visit our school. Speak with a graduate. I am confident that you will see the difference at Holy Angels. 




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