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Heijoshin Dojo

No video game matches the fun and excitement of 
REAL martial arts training!


While all our programs will teach the necessary “protection skills,” the emphasis of our curriculum is on developing the skills that empower students to be top performers in life.

 Through our specialized program, your child will learn:

* How to Defuse Confrontational Situations From Escalating
* Modesty, Courtesy, and Integrity
* Respect for Themselves and Others
* Better Attention Span
* Unmatched Leadership Skills
* Serious Listening Skills

Heijoshin Dojo Little Ninja Program (Ages 4-6) 

Heijoshin Dojo

Why Young Children Love Our Little Ninja Martial Arts Classes...

* Every class is full of jumping, kicking & punching, activities.
* Every class has tons of high-energy drills that keep them interested.
* Every class is exciting and motivational.

Why Parents Love Our Little Ninja Martial Arts Classes...

* They teach family values like respect, humility, self-control and honesty.
* Children acquire patience, self-esteem, confidence and a "yes I can" attitude.
* Outside of the home, martial arts is the best way to build these traits.
* Unlike many other activities, every child in our school receives personal attention!
* Gaining these life-skills is the fundamental difference between martial arts at Heijoshin Dojo, and any other activities in which your child may participate.

Heijoshin Dojo Youth Program (Ages 7-12)

Heijoshin Dojo

Why Older Children Love Our Youth Ninjutsu Martial Arts Classes...

* They learn at a more developed and challenging level.
* They practice age-appropriate drills and role plays to prepare for any negative confrontations.
* They learn bully prevention tactics
* The learn what to do when negative peer pressure is present.
* The classes are interesting, exciting and motivational.

Why Parents Love Our Youth Ninjutsu Martial Arts Classes...

* Our program teaches kids how to achieve academic excellence and martial arts success.
* We teach important values and skills like respect, humility and honesty, along with patience, self-esteem & confidence.
* Children develop a "yes I can" attitude.
* Children learn goal setting and "stick-to-it-iveness" through challenging lessons.
* Listening and communication skills are developed in the process.

Heijoshin Dojo provides a clean, state-of-the-art facility in a caring, family-friendly environment with a top-notch curriculum that teaches practical martial arts.

Heijoshin Dojo

Our students gain a healthy and happy lifestyle. a love for fitness., the ability to deal with negative situations, and the ability to achieving their goals at a safe and effective pace.

Heijoshin Dojo Class Schedule --> Click here

A few productive classes each week are all that is required to grow happier and healthier. Our convenient schedule offers a variety of day and evening class times, making it possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits of martial arts.


Heijoshin Dojo

Robert Perez has been a dedicated Martial Arts practitioner for over 23 years with more than 15 years experience as an instructor. He began training in 1991 in the Martial Art of American Ninjutsu, and is still an active student with a 5th degree black belt. He is also currently training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as Stand-up Fighting, and holds a 1st degree black belt in Kokusai Ju Jutsu, a classical Japanese Martial Art.

Sensei Perez's dedication as a Martial Arts Instructor led him to opening up the Heijoshin Dojo in 1995, which is located at 271 W. Main St. in Bay Shore. Both the students of the school as well as their teacher personify "Heijoshin", which means constant stability in Japanese. Sensei Perez helps both children and adults to get fit, gain confidence, develop self-esteem, and improve their lives, all by teaching physical conditioning, mental awareness, and everyday street practical self-defense.

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Heijoshin Dojo will change your or your child’s life forever. Unlike many schools that focus on pure physical methods, our program incorporates self-defense strategy to learn how to avoid dangerous people and situations, conflict resolution techniques that enable individuals to interact peacefully and harmoniously with others, non-harmful self-defense methods to learn how to control an opponent with minimal force or personal risk, and techniques utilizing leverage and redirection. The emphasis of our curriculum is on developing the skills that empower students to be top performers in life.