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Brooklyn Parenting: Why We LOVE It Here

Brooklyn Parenting: Why We LOVE It Here

Why do you love being a parent in Brooklyn? See how our readers answered that question!

We at NYMetroParents and Brooklyn Parent asked readers to tell us, in words and photos, why they love being a parent in their particular hometown. Below are the answers we received, sorted by location.

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Bedford-Stuyvesant / Crown Heights

 Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn

Bed-Stuy has changed so much in the past years. I feel safe with my 5 and 1 year old. I'm able to walk at night with no worries. School has taken a hike in education getting graded more positive.  I'm very excited of the turn out.

I love being a parent to my two beautiful daughters, and NYC is a great environment to explore and teach them of the historical [and] the culture of the people and the presence of family love.....

I love the fact NY is multicultural city, because you get to meet and talk to people from different backgrounds, religions and incomes, but at the end of the day we are all the same. We all want a good life for our kids in as far raising our in a safe healthy, decent quality education, etc.  

I love being a parent in my hometown because there's no place on Earth like Brooklyn! My family can experience culture, creativity, and the comforts of a rare and exceptional city in all its beauty!

Being a mom is so refreshing. In my borough, Brooklyn, there is so much activities to do. Go to the Brooklyn Museum to study mummies, the Bam theater to see a show, and the children’s museum for fun activities, plus many more.


Bensonhurst / Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, has great playgrounds, schools, and restaurants!


Borough Park

Our neighborhood is nice and convenient for almost everything.


Canarsie / Flatlands

Canarsie momI love able to get right any event or attraction by either car or public transportation. I love that I'm able to have my work schedule/shift around my son's schedule. This is where I've lived since being born and now my son is living in an area I know inside and out.

I live in a quiet neighborhood in Canarsie, Brooklyn. It is close to public transportation and shopping. Being close to transportation makes it easy to take my child to various activities in NY. There is always something to do or somewhere to go, whether to see a parade, competition, historic site, museum, entertainment center or zoo. The libraries have many programs for kids as well as adults. There is so much to do in New York. 

Great neighborhood, very quiet, people are friendly

Good space, close to good activities for kids, close to the ocean, not boring

I get involved in the community help those less fortunate.


Downtown / Brooklyn Heights / Park Slope

Brooklyn is the best, because you get the best of entertainment, shopping, and affordable housing all in one place. Brooklynites know how to rally together to help each other and people really care about their neighbors. Brooklyn rocks!!!!!!!

I live in Brooklyn where everyone loves a park. The park opens pretty early and families would stay well past dusk.

Love being a grandparent in Brooklyn, having a choice of wonderful parks, cultural institutions, and safe streets to walk with my grandsons.

I live in Park Slope. It is family oriented, with lots of things to do as a family. 


East New York

I like the big park with tennis courts, basketball nets, soccer field, playground, children's garden.

I love my borough because it has a lot of history and culture. It is important that as a mom I expose my son to historical information (past, present, and future) and landmarks in his borough as well as different lifestyles, arts and sciences, and society as a whole.

I absolutely love being a parent. It is my duty to have fun-filled educational activities with my child. Every weekend and holidays we go on discover adventures in NYC. I love to see things through my child's eye view.  The happiness and being eager has many positive outlooks. We pack our lunches and camera and embrace our time from the train rides to museums and parks. There is nothing like parenthood, and I absolutely love every bit. 


Flatbush / East Flatbush

A Flatbush, Brooklyn, MomBrooklyn is the best place to raise my son. It is a melting pot of culture. I hope he grows into a creative man with an open mind and heart.

It's Brooklyn. No explanation needed. Everyone know Brooklyn is the best borough. #thatisall

My borough is full of activities and things to do. There is never a dull moment. My borough has a mixture of cultures with traditions that I am exposed to and that make my borough beautiful!

I was born in Brooklyn, NY, and now I am raising my 2 girls here. Brooklyn has come a long way and I enjoy taking them to the children's museum, Prospect Park, and hopping on the train to Manhattan.


Marine Park / Mill Basin

Fun in Mill Basin, Brooklyn

I love my borough because is full of the best open spaces for play and it has great free/low cost festivals, concerts and events for families all year round. 

I love Brooklyn for its diversity, its closeness to all the culture Manhattan can offer, for being relatively quiet and accessible. 

I love Brooklyn because here we are raising my kids and they love it here. We have everything we need, every store, the transportation system is great, and we have the Barclays Center!



I love my neighborhood.... Williamsburg is the best hidden secret in NYC.... I get to bless my children with the community and childhood I was able to have. 

And two we received via Twitter:

Brooklyn is a great place for family

I #love being a mom in #Brooklyn because my hometown has so much culture. My son can gain inspiration everyday. 

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