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Clothing Brand Embraces Women's Natural Shape with Tailored Items

Clothing Brand Embraces Women's Natural Shape with Tailored Items

Shoppers visit the site, take a short quiz and receive their personalized size number

A NYC mom launched a clothing brand designed for women to embrace their natural shape, all with fit, comfort and style in mind. 

Beatrice Purdy, who has 20 years experience in the retail industry, started Measure & Made in 2019. The online company sells a variety of fashionable bottom pieces, including shorts, jeans and pants. Rather than being sold in traditional sizes, the pieces are tailored for each customer. Basically, the brand sets out to solve the frustration many women face when trying to find clothes that fit perfectly. 

Shoppers visit the site, take a short quiz about their size and shape, and then receive a personalized size number to use when selecting their items. 

“So, whether you’re straight, hourglass, curvy or simply do not fit into industry sizing standards, you will find your fit,” Purdy said. “No waist gaps. No alterations. Just well-fitting comfort that moves with your body.

The brand's three different body shapes combine with multiple inseam lengths and sizes from 0 to 28. This results in over 100 size and shape combinations, Purdy explained. 

The seeds of Measure & Made were born out of Purdy's frustration with American sizing norms, which she says were created by people who didn't wear women's clothes. 

“We know that one-size-fits-all is an outdated notion because beauty comes in all shapes and sizes,” she said, adding that the brand is working to build confidence in women through its clothing designs.  

“The true measure of a woman has nothing to do with the size of her clothing,” It's about her confidence, authenticity, and the comfort she feels with herself and her body. We want women to embrace their natural shape without having to compromise on fit, comfort, or style.”

Visit to shop and learn more.

Main image courtesy Measure & Made

Barbara Russo

Author: Barbara Russo is a freelance writer who holds a bachelor's degree in communications from the City University of New York. She enjoys playing guitar, following current events, and hanging out with her pet rabbits. See More

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